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BARF diet for pets, is it good or dangerous?



BARF diet for pets

The BARF Diet for pets translates to Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods and is something like the equivalent of the Paleo diet for dogs and cats. It has many followers, especially in the United States and Northern Europe, but is the BARF diet safe? What base is behind it?

The benefits of the BARF diet delve, at least in theory, into how animals process food. Also, more than anything else, in the poor quality of commercial food, a way of defending alternative diets and therapies sounds a lot to us. However, one thing must be said before going into flour: much commercial feed may not be totally suitable for pets, but that does not make raw foods better, especially of certain types and sources.

The Paleo Diet for Pets

We are no longer hunter-gatherers, although perhaps our body has not yet been found out. Some people based on this fact promote the so-called Paleo diet, that is, we should eat the same as in the Paleolithic. It is what our body is prepared for, and it is true, although it is also true that in the Paleolithic, life expectancy was low.

Evolution may not have changed our bodies in a very pronounced way, but technology has forever changed the way we eat, for the better. That is a fact in humans, but what about pets? Cats and especially dogs have been with us for thousands of years, something that has also modified their way of eating and their diet.

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The BARF diet promotes standards that include mostly raw meat and some vegetables and fruits. It’s what a dog or cat could get in the wild, the Paleo Diet for pets. Its main problem is that it stumbles on the same arguments as the paleo diet for people: thanks to technology, deficiencies are covered that the so-called “natural diet” does not cover, especially considering that your dog no longer travels kilometers to hunt prey. Your life is different and your needs are probably too.

The so-called BARF diet for pets is popular in certain countries, and that has led to several problems. Owners who have given their friends frozen BARF food have seen dozens of cases of infections by bacteria and other pathogens. It just seems that raw food – oh, surprise – is a source of disease.

Not that we discovered the gunpowder. Humans started cooking food a long time ago for the same reason, but what about animals? If we don’t feed a dog cooked meat, he is not going to make it and probably never would have tasted it. Can an animal eat raw meat without risk or not? Apparently, not entirely, and we refer to the cases cited by EC.

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It is clear that the organism of a dog, a cat, or another animal does not work in the same way, but a domestic dog stopped being a wild animal long ago. Yes, the quality of some processed feed may be questionable, but that does not make a piece of frozen chicken from you who knows what origin and quality safer.

To sample a button: a manual for prey-feeding zoo animals. It is not so easy, and it is that it warns against payments present in corpses in a natural way that could cause diseases, and definitely that is something you do not want for your pet, with or without natural food.

That said, we close this section with something that perhaps the supporters of all the benefits of the BARF diet do not like, at least in its industrial aspect, still unknown: processed feed has been classified by the authorities as safe. More or less nutritious, more or less recommended, but safe. Your cat may shed a little more hair, but it is more difficult for it to catch a life-threatening illness due to bacteria. What to do if you don’t trust the feed and prefer a “natural” diet?

For starters, it is perhaps natural for your dog to roam the steppe in packs. On that basis, qualifying as natural any food provided by a human may not be the most correct, although it is clear that dogs have long ceased to be wolves.

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To continue, the best thing you can do if you have doubts is to consult your vet, who is the professional and the best placed to advise you in these cases. Surely you can ask him if it is convenient to give your pet homemade food, that is, raw or cooked meat but from different sources than that sold frozen as a BARF diet.

In short: it may be that by taking great care of the origin and type of raw food that you give your pet, the BARF diet can be considered safe, but only with extreme care.

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Reasons to own a Terrier




If cleaning commercials are to be believed, humanity is in the midst of a war against germs—and we shouldn’t stop until every single one is dead. In reality, the amount of disinfecting we do is making us sicker; since our bodies are exposed to a less diverse mix of germs, our entire microbiome is messed up. Fortunately, dogs are covered in germs! Having a dog in the house means more diverse bacteria enter the home and get inside the occupants (one study found “dog-related biodiversity” is especially high on pillowcases). In turn, people with dogs seem to get ill less frequently and less severely than people—especially children—with cats or no pets.


While dog dander can be a trigger for people with allergies, growing up in a house with a dog makes children less likely to develop allergies over the course of their lives. And the benefits can start during gestation; a 2017 study published in the journal Microbiome found that a bacterial exchange happened between women who lived with pets (largely dogs) during pregnancy and their children, regardless of the type of birth or whether the child was breastfed, and even if the pet was not in the home after the birth of the child. Those children tested had two bacteria, Ruminococcus and Oscillospira, that reduce the risk of common allergies, asthma, and obesity, and they were less likely to develop eczema.


Everything about owning a dog seems to lend itself to better heart health. Just the act of petting a dog lowers heart rate and blood pressure. A 2017 Chinese study found a link between dog ownership and reduced risk of coronary artery disease, while other studies show pet owners have slightly lower cholesterol and are more likely to survive a heart attack.

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While other pets have positive effects on your health as well, dogs have the added benefit of needing to be walked and played with numerous times a day. This means that many dog owners are getting 30 minutes of exercise a day, lowering their risk of cardiovascular disease.


Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than non-pet owners. Even for those people who are clinically depressed, having a pet to take care of can help them out of a depressive episode. Since taking care of a dog requires a routine and forces you to stay at least a little active, dog owners are more likely to interact with others and have an increased sense of well-being while tending to their pet. The interaction with and love received from a dog can also help people stay positive. Even the mere act of looking at your pet increases the amount of oxytocin, the “feel good” chemical, in the brain.


Not only does dog ownership indirectly tell others that you’re trustworthy, your trusty companion can help facilitate friendships and social networks. A 2015 study published in PLOS One found that dogs can be both the catalyst for sparking new relationships and also the means for keeping social networks thriving. One study even showed that those with dogs also had closer and more supportive relationships with the people in their lives.

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Your dog could save your life one day: It seems that our canine friends have the ability to smell cancer in the human body. Stories abound of owners whose dogs kept sniffing or licking a mole or lump on their body so they got it checked out, discovering it was cancerous. The anecdotal evidence has been backed up by scientific studies, and some dogs are now trained to detect cancer.


The benefits of bringing a dog to work are so increasingly obvious that more companies are catching on. Studies show that people who interact with a pet while working have lower stress levels throughout the day, while people who do not bring a pet see their stress levels increase over time. Dogs in the office also lead to people taking more breaks, to play with or walk the dog, which makes them more energized when they return to work. This, in turn, has been shown to lead to much greater productivity and job satisfaction.


The kind of dog you have says a lot about your personality. A study in England found a very clear correlation between people’s personalities and what type of dogs they owned; for example, people who owned toy dogs tended to be more intelligent, while owners of utility dogs like Dalmatians and Bulldogs were the most conscientious. Other studies have found that dog owners, in general, are more outgoing and friendly than cat owners.

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Though one 2003 study found that there was no link between pet ownership and empathy in a group of children, a 2017 study of 1000 7- to 12-year-olds found that pet attachment of any kind encouraged compassion and positive attitudes toward animals, which promoted better well-being for both the child and the pet. Children with dogs scored the highest for pet attachment, and the study notes that “dogs may help children to regulate their emotions because they can trigger and respond to a child’s attachment-related behavior.” And, of course, only one pet will happily play fetch with a toddler.


If you are considering a pet in your family then a Patterdale terrier is a good option. Patterdale Terriers are typically good-natured and affectionate. They’re classic terriers with lots of energy and an independent personality. The Patterdale Terrier is named after Patterdale, a village in the Lake District where the breed was originally developed. They were traditionally used for hunting, namely badger control in the UK and groundhogs and raccoons in the USA


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Review of the Best Cat Litter Box Furniture



A litter box is a necessity for all cat owners, yet finding a great spot to put it has always been a problem. However, there are many types of litter box furniture available to help find a solution to this problem. We’ve looked into many different styles and cabinets and have found that the best cat litter box furniture is the Refined Cat Litter Box Deluxe from The Refined Feline.

Things you should consider when buying cat litter box furniture:

The Cost of The Litter Box Cabinet

As with all other products for our beloved cat, the cost is a big factor choosing the items we buy. Some manufacturers offer more expensive options but the features that they offer are the most important factor. offers a moderately priced option that is the best bang for your buck. Cheaper options are often made of material that can not hold up against odors and moisture. The last thing you want is for the cabinet to absorb anything from the litter. One good option for the cabinet to be made of is solid wood. This is exactly what this one from The Refined Feline is made of. It even includes a plastic liner on the inside to keep the litter in one place.

The Size of The Litter Box Cabinet

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When choosing the appropriate furniture for your cat, make sure that it will fit both your cat and the litter box. Many cabinets are only offered in one size but this one is offered in 2 sizes that will fit even an automatic litter box. You should also consider where you will be placing this cabinet in your home.

The Design of The Litter Box Cabinet

Some litter box furniture doesn’t take into account the design. However, unique modern cat furniture from The Refined Feline is all about design. Their furniture is offered in many different colors and designs. In fact, it’s customizable so that you can choose the door panel and foot design that you like. Not only does it look nice though, it is also functional. Inside of this cabinet you will find a storage drawer. In the back there are even ventilation slots. These slots can hold carbon filters to absorb the odors. This will prevent the odors from entering your home and will also keep the air fresh inside the cabinet.

The Accessibility of The Litter Box Cabinet

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what kind of litter box furniture you get if your cat can’t use it. Make sure that your cat is fully able to get in and out of the enclosure with ease. If your cat is older you may want to keep the enclosure lower to the ground and not put feet on it. You could also add a litter catch to not only catch the stray litter but to act as a step up.

In Conclusion: The Best Litter Box Cabinet


A cat litter box cabinet is a practical and functional way to hide the litter box and also make cleaning up easier. This solution is especially ideal if you are short on space and don’t have much of a choice when it comes to the litter box location.


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Teacup puppies



teacup puppies

2020 has been a difficult year and the world is still struggling to overcome covid-19. Lockdowns have been imposed and people are confined to their homes. They are spending more time at home than ever. This is the time to have a perfect pet like a teacup puppy that doesn’t even need outdoor activity and keeps you happy all the time.

Teacup puppies are the smaller and cuter versions of normal dogs. The name teacup is used for them because they are literally small enough to fit in a teacup. Teacup versions of most of the dog breeds are available.

The most common teacup puppies are from the following breeds

  • Pomeranians
  • Maltese
  • Maltipoo
  • Poodle
  • Yorkshire terriers
  • Shih tzu

Due to their smaller size and cute appearance, they have gained considerable attention over the past decade. The most exciting thing about having a teacup puppy is that you can carry them anywhere with you as they can fit into your pocket or bag, hence accompanying you all around the town.

If you manage to take care of their health, they can accompany you even up to 15 years. When you have a larger dog, you need to have enough space for them or but in the case of teacup puppies, it is not necessary to have a large space for them to thrive. They can easily be adjusted to a small apartment which makes it easier to keep the space clean due to less shedding. They can be kept by the people who have homes with pet size restrictions.

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Unlike larger dogs, they are less likely to be aggressive and irritable and can be a friendly companion. They have docile nature which makes it easier to carry them wherever you go, even when traveling.  It is convenient to dine in and shop when you have your pet with you because most of the shopping malls and restaurants allow going inside with your little friend. Their small size means they don’t need a lot of food or preventive medications resulting in lower ownership costs. Although they do not require long walks proper exercise and socialization are good for their mental and physical health.

Teacup puppies require very little exercise daily. Actually, their exercise requirements are met while playing indoors. Teacup puppies can be your best friend for 13-16 years if they are taken care of properly. This sounds a bit amazing because the average life span of normal dogs is 12-13 years so it means teacup puppies outlive them by 2-3 years.

The small size of teacup puppies can be a problem sometimes. For example, they are fragile and vulnerable to rough handling by kids. They can get injured easily if they fall from a height or car stepped on. So, teacup puppies need to be handled carefully and with love.

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If you want to get a teacup puppy as a pet, you can get one from Yas Puppies. All the puppies are up to date on the shots and come with a one-year health guarantee.

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