15 Interesting Havana Brown Cat Personality Facts

This breed falls into a very special category due to its brown color since it is very difficult to find a cat that is a single color from the tip of its tail to its head. In addition, the brown Havana cat is characterized by being elegant and having only one eye color tone: green.

Its legs are long and thin, in line with a slender and muscular body, and its hair, in different intensities of chocolate, is its most identifying physical quality. His joy, affability, and search for peace in certain moments complete his personality, but below, we will tell you more about it.

Havana Brown Cat Personality Facts:

1. It is playful.

The brown Havana feline is very playful. Even in the absence of his human family, the cat is content to sit and play with his favorite toys.

2. They need time to themselves.

These cats are usually a bit lonely, they decide when and with whom to spend their days. They like to play but they also want to be a little lonely.

3. They have a favorite person.

You tend to have a favorite person and you stick with them for life. The kitten, over time, can become quite addictive to that person and will follow them around the house.

4. It’s a “talkative” kitten.

Due to its Siamese ancestry, the Havana brown can be quite “talkative” to demanding food or caresses although its voice is very soft and sweet.

5. It is smart.

This cat is smart and likes challenges from puzzle toys. It has a high intelligence inherited from its ancestors crossed with Siamese cats, so its level of learning is very high. They can learn to walk on a leash like dogs.

6. It is active.

Compared to other short-haired cat breeds, the Havana Brown is considered moderately active and can even play the game of “fighting” with other cats.

7. It likes to sleep a lot.

This kitten must have his nap hours after playing and eating. They tend to like to sleep only in the afternoons and at night; they tend to seek to sleep with their favorite human. They can spend more than 8 hours of sleep.

8. They are curious.

Undoubtedly, this breed is very curious by nature and always extends a leg to investigate as they like to touch everything and get into boxes, drawers, and bags.

9. It is very sweet.

This breed is not at all surly and although it likes to spend a few hours alone to relax, it also seeks the affection of its human family in a very gentle way. They are very affectionate and they like to give love.

10. They get along well with other pets.

His sweet and sometimes shy personality makes him get along very well with other pets in the house. If you have other cats or dogs, the coexistence from this breed side will be very good, even in small spaces. On the other hand, if you have dogs, first check their breed, big dogs can scare the cat.

11. They need toys.

Apart from playing with their favorite person, with other members of the family, or even with other cats, they like to have their own toys with which to entertain themselves and test their hunting instincts. They are usually attracted to feathers, strings/chords, and small balls.

12. They don’t like loneliness.

Although cats of this breed need a couple of hours a day to be alone and relax, their sociable personality makes them prone to suffer loneliness as some dogs do. The best thing for these cats is to have another furry friend if you go out to work.

13. It’s a personality with kids.

These cats are sweet to children as long as they respect them and do not seek to pick them up or play with them against their will.

Curiosities About The Havana Brown Cat

  • Its name does not come from Cuba, it comes from England. Its name is only due to the similar color of a Havana cigar.
  • The cat has a characteristic brown color that extends to its whiskers, which makes it the only feline with a breed standard that specifies the color of the whiskers. A brown color that complements its coat.
  • This breed only has oval-shaped green eyes. Another distinctive feature of this breed is the shape of its head, which is longer than it is wide and has large, forward-tilted ears.
  • The cat is endowed with a muscular and firm body and a soft and short coat.
  • Younger kittens of this breed may have small signs of brindle patterns in their fur, but these will naturally fade with maturity.
  • Almost all parts of the kitten’s body are brown in color, ranging from the pads that cover the paws to the nose.
  • Females can weigh up to 8 pounds, while males are heavier and can weigh up to 12 pounds.
  • The life expectancy of the Havana brown cat can be up to 15 years.
  • This breed is considered in danger of extinction since there are not more than 1000 specimens in the whole world.
  • These cats do not benefit from excessively humid environments or sudden changes in temperature.
  • These cats can’t stand the cold.
  • They need to have clean water at their fingertips daily, so if you don’t have a dispenser that secretes clean water for cats, you should change it every day to avoid health problems.
  • Due to their short coats, cats of this breed have minimal grooming needs. However, they do need weekly brushing to prevent them from eating their own hair.
  • Its teeth should be brushed at least once a week to avoid problems.
  • Its ears and eyes should be cleaned with a clean, damp cotton ball (if you do not know how to sanitize your cat, consult a veterinarian).

How Much Does Havana Brown Cat Cost Across The World?

The price of a brown Havana kitten varies depending on the sex, the breeder, and the country. However, because it is a rare breed, its price is quite high and can start at $300, although if it is a domestic one, it can be $150-200. But if the breeder is high-end (pedigreed), the base price is usually $800 dollars and can go up to $1,500 and even much more than that. If the kitten has been accidentally mixed with another breed of cat, it should not cost more than $50 (the prices are generally the same in different countries).

As mentioned above, the price depends a lot on certain principles such as the physical appearance, that is, the intensity of the brown color of the hair, the softness, and also the intensity of the color of your eyes. Also, if the breeder is reputable, the price will be much higher although the price includes a guarantee and the best instructions on how to care for the cat.

Another factor that affects the price of these cats is their age and health. Generally, kittens are delivered at 3 to 4 months of age, when they are no longer dependent on the mother’s care. On the other hand, if a kitten is born sick, it is not recommended to sell it. It is better to give it up for adoption to a family that takes good care of it.

If you are thinking of buying a brown Havana cat, you must receive the kitten’s health booklet that includes the date of birth and the vaccinations granted so far and/or some other health certificate signed and stamped by a veterinarian. In addition, in some countries, it is necessary to pay an annual license to have this breed, which can cost anywhere from $15 to $40.

In addition, having a kitten at home should be a responsibility that includes paying, in addition to its annual medical needs and check-up, a price that can be around $30 or $40 per month.

Why Are Havana Brown Cats So Expensive?

The main reason cats belonging to this breed are expensive is that they are very rare. That is to say, it is a rare breed or very little seen because of what it costs to get them, and therefore, their price goes up.

As we mentioned earlier, it is said that this breed is in danger of extinction because, according to its records, there are no more than 1000 kittens distributed around the world. However, nowadays, breeders are trying to reverse this figure to prevent the breed from disappearing by encouraging people to acquire a brown Havana cat to integrate it into their family since they are excellent companions for all ages and they even get along quite well with other animals.

On the other hand, many people did not know about this noble breed of cat, and if you were one of them, now you know that they are one of the sweetest breeds that exist.

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