How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge?

According to research conducted by the University of Michigan, cats can hold a grudge due to their memory, so if you do something to them, the cat can hold a grudge for up to 16 hours. On the other hand, this will depend a lot on the age of the cat.

How Do I Know That My Cat Holds a Grudge?

If you feel that your cat holds a grudge against you, pay attention to certain signs such as?

  • He stays hidden. Pet behavior specialist Jessa Paschke points out that a hidden cat is not a happy cat.
  • He bites you.
  • He walks away from you when he sees you.
  • He doesn’t use his litter box.
  • He growls or “blows” at you.
  • He is friendly with everyone except you.

How Long is a Cat’s Memory?

Cats can hold grudges and throw very evil glances at someone who did something to them. As we mentioned at the beginning, a cat can be up to 16 hours resentful, so its memory is very good, especially when they grow up that is why they remember who is in charge of feeding them and when is the time to do it.

Due to the cat’s brain structure, these animals are also able to remember who has hurt them and hold that grudge for many hours after what happened. It should be noted that the simple fact of throwing them off the sofa can generate resentment in the cat; however, you can make him forgive you if you pet him and invite him to play. If nothing has happened between you and the cat, but the cat is keeping a distance or is hiding from you, it is likely to indicate a Health Problem.

How to Set Limits to a Cat?

You should never hit the cat, nor throw objects at him, this will only cause him to be afraid and grudge you. A water spray can be used when he does something wrong to correct him or remove him from the spot.

Does your cat bite you? Then it is time to teach him that this is not right and to make him understand that you do not like it, so you should scold him but without hurting him:

  • Issue a complaint when the bite occurs.
  • Take him in a calm and neutral way to another place.
  • Divert his attention through alternative games.

To prevent the cat from doing something you do not want, you have to make him understand that his aggressions have unpleasant consequences for him, for example, cats dislike certain smells, such as citrus fruits. If he has damaged your furniture or urines on your mattress you can prepare a mix of water with lemon juice or water with lavender and sprinkle it here and there.

Some Cat’s Behavior is Not Normal

Many animals tend to have a dissociative memory, that is, they tend to associate certain people or certain places, events, or objects with happiness or pain. An example is an association they have with the carrier box and the vet, they know that if you put him there it is to go to the vet, a place that they associate with unwanted touching and sometimes pain (vaccinations, tests, etc.), something that may upset them. However, these behaviors are often temporary.

On the other hand, many cat owners tend to think that certain of their behaviors are normal, such as the case of aggression, not wanting to use the litter box, etc. These behaviors are usually related to grudge behaviors, although if they last more than two days, it is very likely that something else is happening to the cat, such as an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety or stress disorder in cats usually appears when the owner is away from home for many hours, changes in owners or the environment, etc. Causing internal suffering in the animal. It is important to correct this as it can become severe and trigger a lot of aggression, poor appetite, heart problems, even depression.

Cats Have Strong Emotions

Being able to carry out cognitive behavior tests on cats is usually complicated since they tend to have a bad mood or do not cooperate with certain tests; therefore, these studies tend to do more about dogs. However, in 2015 it was possible to perform social interaction tests with some friendlier felines.

The results obtained from these tests have shown that cats have the ability to relate the tone of voice to the gestures and looks of their owners, that is, they can associate a certain tone of voice or gestures, with a positive or negative feeling. On the other hand, they can also differentiate the voice of their owner from that of a stranger. This is something that dogs can do too, so there was a coincidence.

Your cat will not be able to understand all the words you say to him but he will be able to interpret your signs and looks.

Sometimes, Cats Just Want Attention

As you well know, cats tend to have more free or independent behaviors than dogs, but that does not mean that they do not want your company. Cats that do not receive attention from their owners also tend to adopt behaviors and become demanding, such as when you bring a new pet home. Perhaps, in these cases, the cat is not experiencing stress or is spiteful, and just wants to ask for more attention.

For a cat to hold a grudge, you must first do something to him that he does not like such as teasing him during his nap or bathing him (in case he has not gotten used to it). But then how long does a cat hold a grudge? That will depend on what you have done to him, but keep in mind that if your cat does something that you do not like, it may also be that he is asking for your attention.

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