17 Small White Dog Breeds (All Facts and Temperament)

Dogs come in a wide range of sizes and colors, varying from spotted to solid, merle to brindle. Dogs with white coats have a unique look, no matter how fluffy or short they are.

Small white puppies aren’t just adorable and fluffy; they’re also brilliant. Additionally, they have extraordinary personalities and abilities, making them excellent pets. Here are various small white dog breeds, most having distinctive features and ancestry.

Small White Dog Breeds

1. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises were developed primarily as the stars of circuses and traveling shows. These lovely small dogs thrive in busy houses with lots going on. They are happy, intelligent, and enjoy being the center of attention.

Personality & Temperament

Like their famous ancestors, these lovable small dogs like being in the spotlight.

As a breed, Bichon Frises are typically affectionate and possess a high level of intelligence and an eagerness to learn.

In circumstances where someone is around most of the day, this breed thrives. This breed is likely to be prone to separation anxiety.

Training and early socialization are essential for Bichon Frises, as they can be pretty noisy.

2. The Maltese

The Maltese are excellent apartment dogs. They are quite active indoors and will thrive in the absence of a yard. As a playful, energetic, and friendly breed, this is an excellent choice for families with kids.

Personality & Temperament

Despite their short height, the Maltese is a courageous breed.

They have a high level of trust in strangers and are pretty sensitive to affection. The Maltese are the lapdogs for its owner. They are delighted to get love from anyone.

These dogs are strong and can fight with larger dogs. They like social interaction with several other dogs and therefore are usually non-aggressive.

3. Miniature Bull Terriers

Miniature Bull Terriers may live comfortably in homes with adequate exercise. They should engage in regular physical activity to avoid becoming overweight. Additionally, it is friendly with other pets yet cautious towards strangers. This is a good breed for families with kids.

Personality & Temperament

They can coexist with dogs of similar size or larger, but toy dogs and cats likely trigger their predatory instincts. If they are given the opportunity, they will pursue and kill them. With a sturdy fence around your home, you can keep him inside. An underground electrical wall will not stop a Mini Bull Terrier from chasing something.

4. Japanese Spitz

Known to be active, energetic, and friendly towards children, this breed is well-suited for families with kids. Additionally, it is extremely friendly to strangers. Despite its thick coat, a Japanese Spitz breed does not necessitate frequent bathing or brushing. This canine is incredibly daring for its size.

Personality & Temperament

The temperament of the Japanese Spitz is one of the factors contributing to its increasing popularity. As long as you shower these dogs with plenty of love, affection, and attention, they remain friendly and playful.

To keep them happy, take them for daily walks, ideally in open spaces where they may run around freely. Maintaining an energetic temperament requires this dog to refill its energy levels continuously.

5. The Havanese

The happy and outgoing Havanese nature makes them great family pets or senior dogs. This energetic small dog can readily adjust to any situation when it comes to its adoring owners.

Personality & Temperament

The Havanese love being with his people. Most Havanese owners agree that this dog is affectionate. Without a doubt, the Havanese is an active dog. This dog has the temperament of a family clown. They are intelligent, trainable, and taught many exciting and entertaining tricks. As long as they focus on attention, it makes them feel good.

The Havanese’s affection for its master is one of the most attractive qualities of all dog temperaments. They are highly sociable and are comfortable when with their human relatives.

6. American Eskimo Dogs

Their adaptation to the cold climate makes them a favorite among dog lovers in North America.

This is a good breed for kids because it is considered lively, playful, and friendly.

Personality & Temperament

American Eskimo Dogs have a big-dog attitude, and they are perky, energetic, intelligent, friendly, and loyal to their masters. They are courageous dogs, similar to Dachshunds. They are affectionate with their relatives yet guarded with strangers. It can lead to behavioral issues if they are left alone for long periods or are not allowed to interact with other family members.

The American Eskimo Dog is one of the easiest breeds to train.

7. Pomeranians

Teddy Bear Poms are now a worldwide sensation among dog lovers. The Pomeranian (also known as the Pom) is a small white dog breed in Europe. Their thick, long, silky coats can be groomed in numerous ways, from royal to adorable.

Pomeranians are ideal for individuals who can pay great attention to their dogs. As a result, they’re suitable for seniors and individuals who spend a significant amount of time at home.

Personality & Temperament

The Pomeranian is a classic example of “small dog syndrome” (pampered small dogs who become needy and problematic) because they have always been cherished and trained by elite owners. They are usually needed to work but are given unique treatments, delicious food, and luxurious accommodations. To minimize this syndrome, you must be strict with them from infancy.

8. Miniature Poodles

Compared to Toy Poodles, miniatures make a better fit for small children. Models and Toys are also more mischievous than Standard Poodles.

Poodles are the cutest breed and make excellent companions. Poodles thrive on praise and physical affection. Nevertheless, they are susceptible pets and should not be treated too harshly or aggressively.

Personality & Temperament

Poodles are frequently described as alert, intelligent, loyal, easily trained, active, and intuitive. They are brilliant dogs who quickly learn commands and tricks.

Poodles are well-known for their loyalty and often form close relations with family members. Aside from occasional barking, they are typically cautious around strangers.

9. West Highland White Terrier

This pleasant and joyful pet attracts everyone significantly when it tilts its head to the side and looks at you quizzically.

Personality & Temperament

The West Highland white terrier temperament is active, energetic, friendly, and curious. This breed’s dogs are known for their excessive barking. Due to their brave and adventurous nature, these dogs demand daily exercise.

Additionally, you should budget for professional training to ensure that your pet does not make you insane with excessive barking.

They tend to be stubborn, but they may be trained to stop barking excessively with adequate and continuous guidance.

10. Coton de Tulear

This small-sized dog has a fluffy, joyful, and friendly personality, making him a popular pet. The Coton de Tulear is a highly playful and energetic dog that makes a beautiful companion for families with people of all ages.

Personality & Temperament

The Coton de Tulear temperament is pleasant, active, and playful. They enjoy interacting with others and show great affection for their family members. They are also considered to be incredibly amusing, always making others laugh.

Coton de Tulear develops a strong bond with its inhabitants. A few short walks around the room will be enough to complete their daily physical activity requirement. Take them out, though, for interaction with humans and other canines.

11. The Bolognese

They may be tiny, but they are energetic and witty. The Bolognese enjoys being the center of attention, but you may need to counteract this by enforcing discipline. If you spoil them too much, they might start acting disorderly.

Personality & Temperament

The Bolognese seeks your attention with their lovely personality and comical behavior. They’re not particularly active, but they’ll do their best to keep up with your pace. They only want to make you happy and have fun.

Since the Bolognese is such an outgoing canine, it gets along with dogs of all shapes and sizes. They are wary of strangers. Because they are actual companion dogs, they quickly form a strong emotional attachment to their owner.

12. The Shar-Pei

The Shar-Pei is a small, square dog with a slightly larger head than its body. Its remarkable wrinkles helped it twist out from a dog’s grip during a fight.

The Shar-Pei is very confident, serious, independent, stubborn, and self-assured, but also likes to play. It is devoted to its family and extremely loyal to them, even though it is not highly demonstrative. It is wary of outsiders, even suspicious of them.

Personality & Temperament

The Shar-Pei has a unique appearance that draws many prospective owners. However, the Shar-Pei is more than his distinctive appearance.

This breed is peaceful enough for an apartment. He’s also a free-thinking, somewhat aloof dog. A guard and fighting dog’s heritage makes him an exceptional watchdog and guard dog, but he must be trained not to panic about living creatures he does not know.

13. Miniature American Shepherd

This breed is well-suited to kids since it is known to be active, energetic, and friendly while around them. In the house, they are moderately active, and they will be OK with a small yard.

Personality & Temperament

A combination of exceptional agility, strength, and stamina enables work in various environments. In addition to being an outstanding athlete, this dog has a high level of intelligence and a strong desire to please those close to him. As a faithful companion and a competent worker, he has a watchful expression.

In business or play, they are naturally suspicious of strangers but not shy and adapt their temperament to the situation.

14. Samoyed

Samoyeds are independent, high-energy dogs that require great attention, but they also have a lot to love. They can be highly mischievous if they want to get your attention. Playing with them is one of their favorite pastimes.

The best way to socialize a Samoyed is to take him out and meet different people and pets.

Personality & Temperament

The Samoyed attitude is quite delightful, as he is cheerful and friendly, and he adores spending quality time with his masters. You must be willing to invest the time to achieve the dog of your dreams.

The Samoyed’s independent attitude does not mean they do not enjoy spending time with others. They have a natural drive to contribute to the family and still see themselves in this role. Sammies are rarely aggressive toward humans or other animals.

15. The Akbash

The Akbash, a Turkish indigenous breed, enables them to be self-sufficient; its calm, independent, and vigilant personality, excellent eyesight, and robust body make them an ideal predator deterrent and guard dog.

As a result of their loyalty and sense of protection, they are a popular breed among groups that train service dogs for people with disabilities. The species is often quiet and low-energy, with a slow metabolic rate.

Personality & Temperament

Although not violent, the Akbash has a maternal instinct to protect their family. It patrols to keep an eye out for potential intruders, for which reason it will bark or growl as a warning to strangers, but not aggressively.

The dog would conserve its energy to show off its incredible speed, power, and athleticism in an emergency.

16. Lowchen

The Lowchen is a playful dog who is quick and enjoys being outside. He seeks physical interaction and feels depressed or worried if you ignore him. The Lowchen has a solid attachment to his family.

They bring a lot of joy and fun to their owners, and they love kids as long as you train them how to be social.

Personality & Temperament

The Lowchen is a perfect example of a well-behaved dog. He is active, affectionate, and kind. He is a brilliant dog who picks up new skills quickly and readily.

Lowchen temperaments are best defined as courageous, bold, and loyal.

The Lowchen is a small, active breed of dog. They take pleasure in daily physical activity like walking, jogging, or outdoor games. In addition to being loud, the Lowchen may not be the most excellent choice for apartment life due to his tendency to be vocal.

17. Papillon

However, while they can be excellent city dogs, they may not be ideal apartment pets because they have a natural tendency toward permissive parenting and excessive barking in response to noises in the neighborhood.

This breed is well-suited to kids since it is known to be active, energetic, and friendly while around them.

Personality & Temperament

The Papillon is joyful, active, and friendly. He should never be afraid to express himself or be aggressive. 

Papillons require daily exercise. While the play will provide a large portion of their activity requirements, it will not satisfy their instinct to walk like all breeds. They are intelligent and obedient.

Bottom Line

The number of small white dog breeds is enormous, and many of them share physical attributes. Each has its distinctive personality and set of properties that distinguish it from the others.

Small white dogs have unique activity, training, and grooming requirements like all other breeds.

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