What Kind of Dog is Snoopy?

Snoopy, the famous cartoon dog, made his debut on October 4, 1950, and since then it has been part of many homes, many of us have grown up watching it in the mornings while having breakfast but, have you ever wondered if this puppy was inspired by a real dog breed? Here we will tell you everything about it.

What Kind of Dog is Snoopy?

According to its creator Charles Schulz, Snoopy belongs to the Beagle dog breed and its owner is Charlie Brown.

Over the years, Snoopy has changed physically since at the beginning, he was seen walking with his four legs, and today, he can be seen walking like a person. Before, he did not speak either, and now he can communicate and also understands what others are saying to him.

Snoopy is a dreamer dog that helps the kids to dare to dream big and do what they wanted in life.

He does not sleep inside the house for claustrophobic reasons. That is why he is always seen on top of it with Woodstock (a yellow bird) his faithful companion with whom he has long conversations. Inside it houses a ton of valuable items, for example, Van Gogh paintings.

Curiosities of the Beagles

Do you have a Beagle as a pet? Whether the answer is yes or not, these curiosities about the Beagles will not leave you indifferent.

The beagle is a medium breed characterized by its drooping ears and its powerful sense of smell that make this animal an excellent hunter. Get to know this breed a little more!

1. They are Great Escapists

The truth is that if you do not have your Beagle well educated to come to your call, you will have to watch him with 200 eyes because they love to escape!

It may be because they get carried away by that great sense of smell that characterizes their breed and by their hunting instinct, but the truth is that we should not lose sight of them too much. You can also prevent him from running away by increasing the amount of exercise he does, the walks, and the time he spends playing with you.

2. They are very Affectionate with Children

Beagles are especially familiar and affectionate, especially with the little ones in the house. They are playful and docile and if you teach children how to treat them, they will be great friends!

They love spending time indoors with family, so allow them to spend time with all of you.

3. They Love to Eat

This is one of the curiosities of the Beagles that you should take into account the most if you have one as a pet. And is that this breed has a tendency to be overweight since they love food. So it is very important to control the amount of food you provide to him, how many times per day and he needs to exercise every day.

4. A Nose of 10

It is not surprising that they became famous in the United Kingdom for hunting since this dog has about 225 million olfactory receptors and can differentiate up to 50 different scents using its upper lips and ears, which push the scent particles towards his nose.

5. They are very Smart

Beagles are very docile dogs, with incredible hearing abilities and high intelligence, so it is not surprising that they work alongside the police on searches and rescues.

6. His Hair Changes

This is one of the Beagle’s curiosities that usually surprises the most. These dogs are only black and white when they are born and then, as the months go by, they acquire brown spots although sometimes this process can take one or two years.

7. Its Origin is not Well Known

Someplace it in Ancient Greece, since in the “Treatise on the Hunt” written by Xenophon (431 BC – 354 BC) a dog is mentioned that helped men in hunting and it is thought that it could be the Beagle although this is not certain.

8. Beagle Brigade

Since 1984 a group of Beagles has been brought together in the United States to work alongside the police at airports, detecting explosives, drugs, and many more prohibited objects and products. They are known as the “Beagle Brigade”.

9. A Crown Dog

The Beagles began to be raised in the United Kingdom to be used in their hunting days.

Queen Elizabeth, I loved them and it was she who made them enter the rest of Europe since she once gave copies to friends who lived in other countries, such as Belgium or France.

10. They are very popular in the United States

In America, Beagles are one of the most chosen breeds. They are very popular so almost every family has one.

11. Special Ears

Something that immediately stands out in Beagle dogs is their long ears and although they look very adorable, the truth is that they require special care. By not allowing ventilation in the ears, the ears can encourage them to develop infections.

It will be essential to check the inside of their ears frequently to make sure that everything is fine and to clean them once a week with the help of otic products recommended by the veterinarian, especially if we detect that there is a bad smell.

12. They don’t bark much

Another curiosity of the Beagles is that, although they have a strong hunting instinct, they do not usually bark a lot and they do not howl too much. What they do is make characteristic sounds when they detect a scent or trace that catches their attention, something called a Beagle song. It is a mixture of barking and howling.

13. Good Health

This breed usually enjoys an excellent health and an average life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

And the most famous beagle is…

The most famous beagle in the world is Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s dog. Although for some it is an English bull terrier, its large ears are unmistakable.

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