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we love taking our dogs to enter the park and having them keeps us company. What we don’t love are the hairy seats, muddy paw prints, and footprint marks. Dog seat covers can help keep it clean.
Seat covers protect your car seats from mud, drool, and even vomit if you have a dog experiencing kinesis. It also helps your dog understand which neighborhood of the car is his; the familiar smell of the dog seat cover can help your dog calm down and luxuriate within the ride within the rear seat or within the cargo area.
If that sounds great, then buckle up because we’re on our because to finding the only dog car seat covers.
What to believe when buying dog car covers
here are some inquiries to ask you when buying a dog seat cover.

What is the size of your dog?

The size of your dog and where he will lollygag around while you drive are getting to be important factors in determining what kind of dog seat cover you’d like. There are different kinds of dog seat covers that protect car seats from dogs, also as other areas of the vehicle just like the console, doors, floor, and cargo area.
What activities do i and your dog wish to try to do together? Believe when and where your dog will travel with you. If you often take your dog swimming, a water-proof dog’s seat cover or a mechanically cleanable cover could also be a requirement. ‘On the other hand, if your dog is particularly accompanying you on trips to a friend’s house or just running errands around town, he may have less of a requirement for something this heavy.


How is your dog doing on car rides?

If your dog could also be a touch nervous within the car or is an older adult, he might feel easier with a velvety dogs car seat cover, which provides him a more stable feel compared to a more slippery and water-resistant cover.
What is your dog’s personality? Does your dog voluntarily gets into your car and lie, or is he fidgeting or excited around the car? Your dog’s activity level and training level can influence the only kind of protection their car seats. Determine what proportion your dog likes to maneuver while you drive and what movement you’re comfortable with.

Types of seat covers for dogs
Hammock Dog seat Covers
Hammock-style dog seat covers prevent your dog from accessing the footwall of the car by creating a hammock between the rear seat and thus the front seat. It’ll protect your back seat and front seatback from muddy paws and drool while preventing your dog from falling to the bottom or trying to crawl under your front seats. A superb option is that the hammock-style dog seat cover, or the Picture which is waterproof, padded for comfort, and adjustable for a perfect fit.

Dog Car Bench Seat covers
for simple installation; it’s hard to beat seat covers, like this one from Pedaling. They protect your seat from dogs and make it easy for people and dogs to ride together within the rear seat. Your car is getting to be ready to receive two-legged passengers with no reconfiguration, but it’ll still be protected when traveling alongside your dog. Bonus: The car bench seat covers have seatbelt openings so all of your passengers can ride safely.


Trunk protector
Trunk protectors are very fashionable. They’re waterproof, like this one from Focus pet; they go to guard the rear of your vehicle. Trunk protectors for dogs are available in many sizes to suit different car configurations. It the superb because of protecting the cargo area and provides your dog an outsized area. Lay the dog beds on the siding. It gives our dogs space to rest and walk comfortably. It gives enough protection so that we’ll keep a container of water within the loading area for the dogs without worrying.

Other protection accessories
Apart from the covers to protect the car, it’s an honest idea to possess these accessories for greater security when traveling by car.
Barriers for cars for dogs
while not a cover of any kind, dog car barriers will protect your car seats by keeping them during a selected area. Also, they’re going to avoid driver distraction. Although not a substitute for a security belt or other restraint system, the barrier can prevent your dog from distracting the driver.


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We begin the year 2019 with encouraging news for the wild tiger population in Nepal. In almost 10 years, Nepal has kept its promise: to double its population of wild tigers!

After long-term work for the preservation and conservation of tigers in the country’s natural parks, the government of Nepal is delighted to announce today that its tiger population has nearly doubled in a decade. Threatened until then with extinction, a census conducted by the Nepalese Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation reveals an increase in the population, from 121 individuals to 235.

”  Nepal has announced that it now has a population of tigers estimated at 235 individuals, nearly double the 121 individuals recorded in 2009 “, welcomed the WWF.

The census was carried out thanks to the installation of more than 3,000 cameras located in the jungle of Nepalese national parks. Equipped with motion and heat sensors, more than 4,000 images collected in 1 year had to be analyzed to finally see this notable increase.

Protecting tigers: a priority for the Nepalese government


In 2010, Nepal and 12 other nations came together under the Global Tiger Initiative. The objective of this meeting: to double the tiger population in these countries by 2022.

Nepal has taken this commitment very seriously and has embarked on important conservation measures. Our commitment to the Global Tiger Population Restoration Program is gaining momentum, with increasing numbers of tigers in Nepal and the successful implementation of the Nepal Tiger Conservation Action Plan. Protecting tigers is a top government priority and we are grateful for the support of our partners, law enforcement agencies and the international community, committed to a common goal, ”said Bishwo Nath Oli, the secretary of the Ministry of Forests and Environment in Nepal.

Mainly victims of poaching, the tiger is also threatened by the disappearance of its natural environment or because of hunting during human-tiger conflicts that we meet in particular in small villages near parks. To reduce these threats, the Nepalese government has implemented several measures:

  • Some national parks including that of Parsa have been enlarged.
  • Today the number of forest guards is very large (they would be close to 8,000).
  • Anti-poaching patrols are organized.
  • Awareness-raising actions in the villages were used to change mentalities.
  • Steps have been taken to provide volunteer villagers with new places to live and to reduce their dependence on the forest.
  • Additional protection for the cattle was given to avoid predation by wild animals and thus reduce human-tiger conflicts.

”  Indeed, the tiger which does not have enough prey to feed itself – either because man hunts the same prey, or because the habitat is so degraded that the prey is lacking – must turn to the cattle. domesticated on which the survival of many village communities depends, ”explains WWF.

Young Nepalese are more and more aware of the animal cause and in particular, that of the preservation of the tiger and many are involved in the fight against poaching. It is now more difficult for poachers to enter parks.

Healthy tigers

Photos and videos recovered from cameras installed in the parks showed encouraging signs. The life expectancy of adult tigers has increased noticeably, and the playful character of tigers shows a state of good health.

“ They are playing, which suggests that they are well fed and have the energy to burn. When you see that, you say to yourself: There, that’s a population of tigers that is doing well. Said John Goodrich Senior Director of the Tiger Program at Panthera (an international organization for the conservation of cats).

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